Arbiter M17 Barrel Block

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Arbiter M17 Barrel Block



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The PSIOPS Arbiter rail system is designed to seamlessly install any imperial threaded AR15 hand guard on to any MILSIG marker without any modifications. Now you can add shrouds from popular brands like Fortis, Noveske, Madbull and more.

The Arbiter rail system uses a MILSPEC Standard 1.250"-20 thread to allow fitment of any imperial threaded AR15 hand guard with a seamless monolithic top rail (when used with the optional arbiter top rail for M17 CQC).

Precision milling of aluminium billet allows for hand guard mounting without any barrel offset. This means you can either use free float or delta ring style hand guards.

The Arbiter front block is compatible with any 7/8” barrel. We recommend use of the Marksman™ Hybrid line of barrels for a seamless fit.

The Arbiter rail system is a bolt on modification that maintains barrel alignment and requires no modifications to your marker for installation.
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